Obesity or thinness is a conscious personal choice

During the weight loss, I made new goals of how I wanted to look and feel. It was difficult to feel good about myself because of poor self-esteem issues.

A few thoughts about Christmas

The holidays are again among us. Every month from September to January there are events to celebrate or bring revelry to us. December was quick on the heels of Thanksgiving, an American holiday to give thanks to our brave forefathers and foremothers. Now, we thank God for the Messiah being born in the city ofContinue reading “A few thoughts about Christmas”

A Milestone- A New Ending In Love

It’s been four years and four months since I founded Loving Embrace Ministeries and served through Eagles View Church in North, Forth Worth Texas. It was a prayerful decision on my part. The Pastor’s mother has agreed to take over the responsibilities of the ministry, although the name will travel with me. I think myContinue reading “A Milestone- A New Ending In Love”

Principal v. Teacher Perspectives

  The University of Texas of the Permian Basin EDUC 6330 Theories of Curriculum and InstructionPerspective Analysis Paper Kathy Challis Presented to: Dr. Elaine Wilmor April 20, 2020 I scored 100% on this assignment. I hope that you learned something useful about the perceptions of principals and teachers. Although they are both in the educationalContinue reading “Principal v. Teacher Perspectives”

Saying Farewell

I have decided to say farewell to my blog premium channel for the present moment. http://www.Katchallis.com is now http://www.katchalliscom@wordpress.com It will be interesting to see if my articles will transfer to the new “free” domain. I have enjoyed writing and listening to the comments from my followers. Thank you for the encouragements. I hope toContinue reading “Saying Farewell”

Season’s Greetings 2018

Jesus is the reason for the Season!   The boys are excited that Christmas is coming in 12 days.  They prepared their ‘Dear Santa’ letter and mailed it each asking for something Santa had in mind all along.  They went shopping at their schools’ shopping fair.  Have attended parties and festivities with joy.  Nate age 9yrsContinue reading “Season’s Greetings 2018”

Are you Aquaphobic? Me, too!

Aquaphobia, the fear of deep water or turbidity waters.  My aquaphobia is related to Oceans, Lakes & Waterslide parks which covers just about every nature scene to be had. My phobia is debilitating or should I say needed accommodations are in order.  Recently, I took my mom and sister to Galveston Bay, Texas. I wasContinue reading “Are you Aquaphobic? Me, too!”

The joy of being a dog owner

I have been blessed with fur-babies, each one bring a unique character that enamours them into my heart. She had a special pup named  Brigett who lived a long  life with family. Angle was our very first dog. She was a chocolot labrador retriever full blooded… She was very gentle with the children and livedContinue reading “The joy of being a dog owner”

Princess Bella

What a joy to have beautiful and kind granddaughters; Bella, Michelle, and Elaine. Bella had an extended family Birthday Breakfast this morning, She really enjoyed pulling her gifts out of her bag.  She is quite the little Princess at two years old.  She loves to eat pancakes for breakfast and have apple juice. Cousins w/aunt,Continue reading “Princess Bella”

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