When a scratch Turn’s Deadly by Kat Challis

Approximately December 13th, 2019, my dog Summer and I were playing and she pounced on my abdomen like always, but this time she scratched my skin about an inch. I ignored it as no big deal. I noticed the area below it looked kinda bruised and assumed it was from Summer’s pouncing. On December 15th, I called the pastor and told him I couldn’t make the intercessory prayer that day – response no problem. I kept feeling like I had the flu, sleeping allot. The 20-23rd I had a temperature that was high. Kassidey came in every 4 hours and gave me fever reducer. I hallucinated and had delusions when my temperature reached 104* F. Finally, my fever broke and I told Kassidey my tummy hurt. SHe thought I meant food. I corrected her. She took a look and got Robert to come look. THey took me to Harris Methodist Hospital emergency room on Dec 24th, where I was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit.

The Wound-Vac had been removed and the wound was packed with a dressing. I arrived at West lake and asked the nurses Musfasausfa and Kaye to change my dressing as it was wet and my gown was soaked to. They refused and said it would be changed in the morning. They gave me towels to absorb some of the bodily fluids while I slept. At 12:30 a.m. I tried using the call button, then again at 3:33 a.m. no one came until 5:30 a.m. I texted Robert of my situation throughout the night. It was almost 9:00 a.m. before the wound nurses arrived to change the dressing out and install the wound vac. I had laid in my body waste for 12 + hours.

I had developed a wound that was Septic- blood poisoning- infection. Then a cat scan of my abdomen revealed a tumor on my left kidney and infection . Surgery on the lower left medial abdomen was performed the next day. They created an incision 21.5cm long, by 5cm wide and 11.5cm deep and removed all tissue from that area creating an open wound. A few days later on January 2nd, 2020, an machine called a Wound Vac was installed in the wound, to remove drainage of body fluids.

I had a negative reaction to the anesthesia, they thought I had a mini stroke. My left side drifted downwards. An MRI of my brain was performed and I was okay. I was moved out of ICU the 4th day. I was treated very well by all of the staff, doctors and nurses, dieticians and therapist. On the 20th day of treatment I was transferred to West Lake Center of Care (Rehabilitation) in White Settlement, TX. at 8:40 p.m.

I discovered the next day that the call light did not work at all. I told them if that was their method for contact then they needed to get it fixed immediately. It took five days for the maintenance to look at the problem and replace the call light and install light bulbs in the two room sconces- there was limited lighting in the dismal room until then. I was a fall risk due to my seizure disorder and weaken state. In the meanwhile, I had to go to the door and hope to catch someone passing by, we did try holding the button on the call light for 10 seconds, release, and repeat. That was not successful.

The weather stripping had come loose from the window and cold air was coming though, I complained my room was too cold and the staff agreed with me. I had two small thin twin size blankets that I brought with me. I asked for another clinic blanket and was told there were not any available. So I shivered until finally I went to sleep.

I am a diabetic patient. The dietician brought me another persons meal that had her name scratched out and my put in its place. It was a puree food plate…. it was awful, I tried to eat it but couldn’t tolerate it/ I was given another meal. The food manager Greg, came to see me, he took down my allergies and sensitivities to green veggies and some preferences. I thought great- wonderful service finally. Well, that was not to be. I was given a regular salt laden diet. I couldn’t eat the entree it was so salty. I send word to Greg about the salt. So they make an effort to not salt my food. However, even though they had it written on my meal ticket , no salt, peanut, or green vegetables (twice) I was brought meals with salads, broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts, etc. until the day before I left their service, then I was given to servings of mashed potatoes with gravy. For two days, I vomited my food after consumption, I lost 6 1/2 pounds that 1st week. I didn’t recheck to see if I had lost more when I left.

Friday. I am supposed to be discharged on Saturday, the Nurses were attentive now that the call light system worked, it still took over an hour for the nurses to respond to my request to see a nurse. The technician always came within 15 minutes of using the call light. The rental wound vac was put on incorrectly and the alarm would sound every two minutes all day and night long. I was sent home Saturday with it malfunctioning. I called the wound vac technical support and they walked me through testing the unit and determining how to fix leaks, change the canister out, then realize the issue is with the connection of it self to me was faulty. All Saturday night I stayed awake pushing the alarm off button, until sleep finally claimed me for three hours- alarm still in force. Sunday, an emergency call nurse came and changed out the wound vac and the unit worked great afterwards, no alarms going off.

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The joy of being a dog owner

I have been blessed with fur-babies, each one bring a unique character that enamours them into my heart. She had a special pup named  Brigett who lived a long  life with family.

Angle was our very first dog. She was a chocolot labrador retriever full blooded… She was very gentle with the children and lived with us for 13 years before being consumed with cancer. Ralph Lorne was a fully grown bird dog. He had health issues and lived with us for nine years before he died. He was a gentle giant of a dog, so loving, so caring of me.

Our next dog was a blonde labrador retriever named K’lona. She was hit in the head by winds from a tornado and the kennel wanted to put her down, but we intervened and she was a very special dog indeed. K’lona could sense seizures before they happened and would alert me to the oncoming seizure. She laid in bed comforting my husband while he was on chemo treatment for nine months. She would go into the ot tub with my husband and keep him company. She passed from old age.

Montana was a chocolate labradore retriever who lived with us as an adult with a son named Caleb; a black labradore retreiver. They were found on a lonely stretch in the country, having been dropped by their previous owner. Montana was afraid of cowboy boots and baseball caps on men for a very long time, ’til we desensatized her. Montana was very laid back while here pup was rambuncious. Caleb would play with our Llama’s cria as they grew up. Montana passed from old age and Caleb died of a broken heart.

Porthos was a transition dog a Beagle. This poor dog was displaced with us in a hotel for five weeks being kept in a crate while I was gone meeting contractors. He would not acclimate to our home so we had to find another loving environment with an elderly lady who had time on her hands to care and walk him daily.

Macie a chocolate labrador retriever is our current furbaby. She is 14 years old, we got her five years ago. She is such a sweet heart, stays by my side constantly, she has spirit enough to take unauthorized neighborhood walks- the neighbors will bring her home since she is mostly blind and hard of hearing and has arthritis. We will let her live her natural life out with us.

Bot a black labradore retriever graced our life for about two years. He was so hyper active. I kept scratches on my arms, and stomach where he would pin me down in his zealousness to be loved. We had rescued him from the ASPCA, he was emanciated- his ribs and pelvic were skin over bones. He was so grateful to be rescued- we restored his good health. He left our family four months ago to live with a family in the country. I miss him terribly, but know that he is happy and being loved on with his new family. Every once in a while I will cry from missing him my only solace is that he is happy.

Summer is the latest addition to our family she is a hybred  dog 1/2 Beagle and 1/2 Bassett Hound called a Bagle. She is Zackary’s dog but, we babysit her during the week while Zackary is at school. She is all puppy, very mischeivous and barks allot at Macie. She demands attention from Macie but Macie doesn’t give in to her demands. It is all a process of learning. She enjoys playing fetch with me and stays by my side during her non-Zack time.

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Destined to Be

He stood on all fours, two feet from the ground.

He had beautiful down of rich cream

with apricot sprinkles from nose to tail.

Twin eyes of liquid hershey Kisses

He cautiously eyed me, then approached,

as I crouched down to meet him.

His vacuum nose sniffed scents from all of me.

He slowly began this rocking prance

from side to side, inviting me to touch him.

He was a gigantic dog. His barrel chest was 18″ wide,

strong in muscles. His face was

handsome and evenly set, his soft tongue

thanking me for scratching his ears.

Around his body, my  hands caressed,

taking in the bulk that made up this mammoth

dog Ralph. Ralph and I knew that we were

destined to be companions and friends for

each other’s life, as he came to share my family with me.

The Dreamer’s Soul, Kathryn Aubrey, p12, 2003


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