Jesus Suffering

It is said that Jesus saved us and that Jesus died for us. But the implications are that Jesus took our sins away and are usually lost upon us. That we should be upon the cross for our sins whether small or massive, whether be brake man’s laws or God’s laws we should be onContinue reading “Jesus Suffering”

America Wake-Up! We are Failing Mental Health Diagnoses and Treatment of Autistic Children

I am disgusted with the State of Texas Adolescent Psychiatry’s lack of care. My grandson has a legitimate need for inpatients with a follow-up outpatient care program and was denied that help because of his diagnosis of Autism level two. The main point I am trying to get across is that Texas adolescent psychiatric medicalContinue reading “America Wake-Up! We are Failing Mental Health Diagnoses and Treatment of Autistic Children”

It’s 2043- Where are you now?

If you knew with absolute certainty that in 20 years, that’s 2043, Christianity would be the least favored religion in The United States of America how would you change your life now, if any changes were to be sought? Would you make a list of, “Family Values,” and start teaching them to your (other relationship)Continue reading “It’s 2043- Where are you now?”

Progression of mental instability

Robert told me, “The first thirteen years of our marriage were great, then all went spiraling down when you got sick.” The sickness he referred of mental instability. The post-partum depression lasted two years, then I bounced back to my normal happy self. Then two years later we had another child. The depression lasted longer.Continue reading “Progression of mental instability”

Paper Crafting Group

Welcome to the group 👋. Hello, Welcome to the Paper Crafting Group- still looking for a group name. I would like to share group ideas with each other for creating cards, junk journals, and scrapbooking. I just took a sabbatical from a card ministry, “Loving Embrace Ministry.” I have a lot of experience making individualizedContinue reading “Paper Crafting Group”

Potato Candy, My family tradition

Potato Candy Recipe Ingredients: One small or medium Irish potato  (pronounced “arsh” potato), Use up to two  pounds of confectionery sugar, and about one cup peanut-butter; (modern-day; jelly, chocolate, or pie fillings) Directions: Boil potato in its skin (jacket) till done ( for added moisture), then peel off jacket and mash. It will liquefy when sugarContinue reading “Potato Candy, My family tradition”

Suicide and Alcoholism Tragedy

My nephew was fighting alcoholism recovery and setbacks. He was discharged from the USAF two years ago for being drunk on guard duty. His life spun out of control afterward with self-help treatments like AA, swearing off drinking then, going back to it. Depression was his constant enemy. In October 2022, just two short monthsContinue reading “Suicide and Alcoholism Tragedy”

A few thoughts about Christmas

The holidays are again among us. Every month from September to January there are events to celebrate or bring revelry to us. December was quick on the heels of Thanksgiving, an American holiday to give thanks to our brave forefathers and foremothers. Now, we thank God for the Messiah being born in the city ofContinue reading “A few thoughts about Christmas”

What is self identity?

A friend reminded me last night that everyone has issues. It got me thinking “yes some issues are hidden in one’s heart and others are viable to the world.” We often think about the ones people can not see that come out with anxiety, depression, or some other emotional response for no apparent reason. Prayers always help us overcomeContinue reading “What is self identity?”

A Milestone- A New Ending In Love

It’s been four years and four months since I founded Loving Embrace Ministeries and served through Eagles View Church in North, Forth Worth Texas. It was a prayerful decision on my part. The Pastor’s mother has agreed to take over the responsibilities of the ministry, although the name will travel with me. I think myContinue reading “A Milestone- A New Ending In Love”

The bounty of God’s love on Thanksgiving

The bounty of God’s love on Thanksgiving. As I write, I am reminded of God’s love. The people who we now remember as Pilgrims were desperate and called upon God’s grace for the long voyage to a new land. They had sold all that they could and chose to take passage on a ship withContinue reading “The bounty of God’s love on Thanksgiving”

Crossroads with God

Have you ever been so uncertain in your spiritual life that you just say to yourself “I don’t know who I am or what I am supposed to do with my life?” Are you at a crossroads? I grew up in a Baptist church home life. We lived by rules meant to shape us andContinue reading “Crossroads with God”

Pheriphal Neuropathy Overview Peripheral neuropathy, a result of damage to the nerves located outside of the brain and spinal cord (peripheral nerves), often causes weakness, numbness, and pain, usually in the hands and feet. It can also affect other areas and body functions including digestion, urination, and circulation. Your peripheral nervous system sends information from yourContinue reading “Pheriphal Neuropathy”

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