Poetry; an expression of one’s desires, thoughts, and hopes; music to one’s emotions, casting shadows upon the tides, evoking memories of bitter-sweetness, tantalizing the senses in awe. Poetry; a word…. a phrase… a reflection of one’s inner soul; counting the moments, awaiting the freshness of a child’s’ tender kiss, or the fire of a lover’sContinue reading “Poetry”

Depression and Stinking Thinking

This is how it works. You can wake up in a fantastic mood, invite a friend over for coffee and then realize the house is in a bigger mess than you thought. So you shower and dress and begin in earnest cleaning the kitchen and doing laundry. The anxiety mounts, your friend comes over andContinue reading “Depression and Stinking Thinking”

Accountability is Responsibility

Every person is accountable for their own actions and reactions and choices that they make. We can blame society, our parents, GOD, or someone else for our troubles, but that doesn’t mean we are right. If you do not like your present circumstances then change them. Change can be a painful process, but allowing somethingContinue reading “Accountability is Responsibility”

Hurricane Harvey- Americolds efforts

People are still be rescued from the rising tides as Harvey stalls on the Houston/Rockport area. Americold Logistics told effected employees yesterday that they have a job in Ft.Worth & Dallas locations. They will have to find away up here, but then Americold will provide them and their immediate family lodging, food, clothing, and anythingContinue reading “Hurricane Harvey- Americolds efforts”

Freedom to be Patriotic?

The United States of America- Land of the Free! Some people are foolishly chasing their own tail.  Racism is alive and thriving in America. People of African descent claim their ancestors were abused by Americans and they would be correct. But there were whites than were enslaved as well. And Indians, Chinese, and other immigrantsContinue reading “Freedom to be Patriotic?”

History will be forgotten and repeat itself

If we take down statutes that immortalize Confederate Army personnel then we are guilty of  re-writing history.   2017 Race Riots and Bigotry are doing quite well in the United States of America- Land of the Free!  Statues, naming schools, or towns are symbols that change meaning the further you get away from the beginningContinue reading “History will be forgotten and repeat itself”

I Break for Yard Sales (Across the Southern States)

Historic US 80 Hi-Way Sale Dates and Hours Third weekends of April and October each year Friday through Sunday, except when the sale falls on a holiday 2017 Fall dates: October 20, 21 and 22 2018 Spring dates: April 20, 21 and 22 Hours vary, but typically vendors are operating by 8 a.m. and operate untilContinue reading “I Break for Yard Sales (Across the Southern States)”

Walking in my shoes- a father’s tale

My dear Son, I anticipate the arrival of you birth with wonder. I promise that I will be a great provider of unconditional love. I remember with delight… The joy of hearing “Dah-dah” from your tiny lips. The pleasure of holding your hands as you prance and practice taking your first steps. The excitement ofContinue reading “Walking in my shoes- a father’s tale”

Excerpt from Two-halves of a Soul

He was handsome. Nearly six feet and one hundred seventy pounds of lean muscle. Dark brown hair and chocolate eyes that a girl could lose herself in. He was shouting, “Hey! Evelyn, is it you?” Coming out of the temporary daze I answer, “No!” Coming closer still he saw his mistake and apologizes that heContinue reading “Excerpt from Two-halves of a Soul”

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