Epilepsy- I’m too busy for you!

Having Epilepsy is a kick in the emotional gut. I have several types of epilepsy that are not controllable, and I have family issues. When  I spent time in the hospital July 18-21st, 2022, I went back to the ER on the 29th for cluster seizures; I had 15 between the doctor’s office and inContinue reading “Epilepsy- I’m too busy for you!”

Covid Vaccine: Not As Good As Experts Claim- A Cautionary Tale

My 11 year old grandson had the Covid-19 vaccine shot yesterday (3/28/22) at his Pulmonologist’s Covid vaccine came up. My daughter agreed to have it given to my grandson; it was touted as being safe and recommended for children. The nurse gave my grandson the vaccine, within the 20 minute window he broke out inContinue reading “Covid Vaccine: Not As Good As Experts Claim- A Cautionary Tale”

A view of Homeless Children

Runaways: For whatever set of reasons, some children have become homeless in America. Some are children who run away from home thinking they will be better off not living with their parents or guardians. Some children are born in hospitals only to live on the streets. They may live their entire life as a nomadicContinue reading “A view of Homeless Children”

Responsible Pet Ownership

I have had dogs since 1983 when I quit my Real Estate Management job and gave up renting and became a homeowner for the very first time. We had a wonderful cat named Boots and a beautiful Flex head Labrador Retriever dog named Angel. My two daughters would grow up with Angel and Boots toContinue reading “Responsible Pet Ownership”

Schizophrenia in Childhood

The Problems with Social Service Providers When Jan 13th, 2022 rolls around- less than a month, my grandson runs out of mental health services at Cooks Hospital. In the state of Texas, there are no facilities and very few if any general or family practice Psychiatry that will treat teenage children who have schizophrenia andContinue reading “Schizophrenia in Childhood”

Faith in Forgiveness

Kat Challis 1/18/2021 Forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves. Jesus tells us to forgive our neighbors and ourselves. Why is it so important that we learn how to forgive? Blame, Shame, Guilt, Condemnation… are all prompted by our moral compass. I believe that when Satan comes knocking in our subconscious and conscious, we haveContinue reading “Faith in Forgiveness”

Disappointed Not Bitterness

Living with disappointment can be challenging. Yet, half of the voters will be disappointed that their candidate will not be the winner in this 2020 Presidential Election.  Our voting process is what defines America from other countries. We have FREEDOM to Disagree or Agree with our political party without FEAR of reprisals or government impunity.Continue reading “Disappointed Not Bitterness”

21st Century Entrepreneurial Literacy

21st Century Entrepreneurial LiteracyKathy ChallisThe University of Texas of the Permian Basin Abstract Students can become successful entrepreneurs during their middle years of development. “According to research identified that leading programs for entrepreneurs education in the United States are Network for Teaching Entreprenueir (NFTE), Young Entrepreneurs, and the Kauffman Foundations program. Youth Venture targets studentsContinue reading “21st Century Entrepreneurial Literacy”

How Hearing Impairment Affects Children in Public General Education Classrooms

How Hearing Impairment Affects Children in Public General Education Classrooms Kathy A. Challis The University of Texas of the Permian Basin Contact Information Email: katchallis2010@hotmail.com Cell: (682) 313-2192 Abstract We will discover the effects of deafness or hearing impairment has a direct impact on learning in a general education classroom. We will discuss accommodations thatContinue reading “How Hearing Impairment Affects Children in Public General Education Classrooms”

Effects of Covid-19 Pandemic on Three Independent School Districts in North Central Texas

As Covid-19 continues to plague our nation and 179 other nations of the world. I present to you the following paper. Effects of Covid-19 Pandemic on Three Independent School Districts in North Central Texas Kathy A. Challis The University of Texas of Permian Basin Abstract The Covid-19 Pandemic Virus had a significant impact on educationContinue reading “Effects of Covid-19 Pandemic on Three Independent School Districts in North Central Texas”

Christian Feelings

Today, I discovered that I had a emotionally scarring series of events 28 years ago while I was in college working on my Bachelor’s Degree. Because I attended a private christian university I allowed more emotional attachment to cloud my thinking processes. I have regret, though it is not my own! When we hear theContinue reading “Christian Feelings”

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