Adventures of RJ

Adventures of  R.J. the Llama

Chapter One

p.1 One Sunday morning RJ the Llama and his wife Patches were grazing in the pasture when they heard a truck drive over the cattle guard at the gate and stop.

[Pict:  truck and country road scene]

p.2  RJ decides he had better go have a look at the new arrivals.

[Pict:  A woman who was short and plump with flaming red hair and bright green eyes and doe white skin walked toward the fence.]

p.4  A woman strolled up to the fence. She had a quiet calm and smiling kindly face and soft voice.

p.4   She said, “Hello” as all humans do.  She had a big man with her that was known as    Farmer Bob.

[Pict: Farmer Bob in overalls leaning back on his pickup truck.]

p.5 Farmer Bob is a Native American Choctaw he looked  strong  as he stood back aways and just listened to the conversation between  RJ the Llama and his wife.

[Picture : RJ at fence and wife]

p.6 “Hello, my name is Mrs. Kathy,  she said to RJ the Llama

“Well hello  Mrs. Kathy my name is RJ and this is Patches my wife.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, this is my husband Farmer Bob,” replied Mrs. Kathy.

[Picture: RJ and Patches and farmer’s wife.]

p.7   “Come closer so I can smell you and see that you are not afraid of me”, said RJ.

  1. 8 “My! You are very tall and muscular; but no I am not afraid  you look so soft and huggable. May I pet you now?”

[pict: RJ and Mrs. Kathy.]

  1. 9“Yes please, I love being stroked along my back, but not too much toward my tail. Awhhh! That feels so good, thank you,” said RJ.
  2. 10 Running her hand out across RJ’s face she is surprised when he takes her index finger into his powerful mouth and gently tugs on it. He could have crushed or cut her finger with his fighting teeth, but he was just playing around to see her reaction. Then he gave Mrs. Kathy. a kiss on the cheek.

[Pict: RJ kissing Mrs. Kathy.]

  1. 11 She laughed and said, “RJ you certainly are a joy of a Llama, would you like to come home with me? I have a nice acre of land for you to graze upon. It is on the edge of the big city with lots of people, horses, dogs and cats to visit with. “

[Pict: farm animals behind fences and barn scene]

  1. 12 RJ the Llama said, “I would like that very much if my wife Patches can come with me.”

[Pict RJ and Patches and Mrs. Kathy.]

  1. 13 “Of course, I wouldn’t think of taking just one of you,” said Mrs. Kathy.

[Pict: RJ and Patches very happy]

P14. By this time the man Farmer Bob comes up and joins in the conversation. “Honey” she say’s sweetly “can we take RJ and Patches home with us to be our pets?”

[Pict: Farmer Bob and Mrs. Kathy. talking]

P15. Farmer Bob looks to his wife with amusement and asks already knowing the answer, “are you serious?” You don’t know a thing about raising Llamas.”

[No pict.]

P16. RJ chimed in, “that’s OK my needs are simple, give me a dry place to sleep, food and fresh water and visit me often.  Also, as special treat for me to eat, I love carrots and llama-cookies.”

P 17 “That settles it,” said Farmer Bob, “RJ and Patches are welcome to live on our farm.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Kathy said.

[Pict.   Beaming  with joy  Mrs. Kathy. gives Farmer Bob a big hug and kiss]

End chapter one


P18: Chapter Two:

The Llama Dome

Picture: The Llama dome is a sturdy built open sided structure, perfect for keeping dry under the downpours of Mother Nature.

  1. 18. Today the workmen crew arrives in the paddock*, they are going to build us a home.

Steel poles are put into the ground then they are connected together creating a tall roof

In an upside down V-shape, the side walls are open so that air can move around easily.

*A paddock is a small field near a house or stable with grazing for Llama’s.

P 19 One thing about living in a paddock is that there are field mice and rabbits that love to eat grains.

So we have to make sure that the Llama Feed is kept clean and dry, so  Picture & Dialogue: A chest freezer is brought in to store the dry llama feed pellets and treats.

A long rectangle shaped shallower trough is brought in to hold the alfalfa hay for eating.

  1. 20 Llamas need plenty of water to drink and to climb into to cool them off. They don’t have sweat glands and their fur is very thick, underneath their belly the hair is shorter than that on their back and sides and will absorb the water easier and the water will help keep them cool. Picture: A large water trough is set in place and filled with fresh water.  (Show pict of guard hair and soft underbelly fur)

p 21 Straw is placed upon the ground. It will provide a soft place for the Llamas to go to sleep. Taking a nap is fun for the Llamas, they just bend their front knees and down they go. They actually lay on their haunches which allow 2-3” of air to circulate underneath their body, thus cooling them down.

Define: (haunch is the hipbone and shoulder bone of the Llama)

P 22 Muck is Yuck!  The Llama’s use the bathroom anywhere they want in the paddock. Sometimes, they go on their straw, so Farmer Bob and Mrs. Kathy have to clean out the straw called mucking. They use a wide snow shovel and wheel barrow to pick up the poop. Next they take the straw and poop to the compost pile for recycling as it is very rich in nutrients and makes good soil amendments.

raw.   We are all set for RJ and Patches to come home.

End Chapter Two.

patches april2

P23 Chapter  Three:

Meeting the Family

p 23 Llamas are social animals and live in herds so they fit in real well with a pack of dogs.

Dialogue between the animals

Pict. Three Labrador Retrievers greet RJ and Patches in their barking way.

P 24 Kalona said, “Welcome friend, have you come to visit us today?”

Patches said, “Yes, but we are going to live here, too.”

“Oh you’re the Llama’s that Farmer Bob told us about,” said Montana.

P 25 Caleb:  We’ve never seen Llamas before, are you related to donkeys?

RJ:  No we’re related to the camel family.

Patches:  But, we don’t have hump backs like camel’s do. Our backs are straight and level like a donkeys.  It allows us to carry packs better, when we help our people with their chores.

  1. 26 Picture: thought bubble above Caleb’s head with an image of a donkey.

Thought bubble above Montana’s head with a hump camel image.

The  LLAMA image.

“We are glad that you have joined our family,” said Kalona.

Thank you, replied Patches and RJ. And soon we will have a baby called a cria to join our family.

END Chapter

kelona0 K’lona   montana caleb07

Chapter 4:

Patches has her cria

“Hello Patches, I see you have had your cria (pronounced cree-ah), ”said Kalona,” he is as large as I am.”

“Yes, our crias must be large and able to move with the herd in one hour after birth,” replied Patches.

“He sure is a beautiful red Llama!” reflected Montana.

Caleb stood with R.J. and listen to the women making a fuss over the cria.

Farmer Bob & Mrs. Kathy come to visit the new cria, Patches and RJ, he sure is a beautiful boy have you thought of a name yet?

“Yes! His name shall be Allen, after my grandfather,” replied R.J.

“That is a fine name,” said Farmer Bob.

“He will make a wonderful addition to our family,” exclaimed Mrs. Kathy.

END Chapter



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