Disappointed Not Bitterness

Living with disappointment can be challenging. Yet, half of the voters will be disappointed that their candidate will not be the winner in this 2020 Presidential Election.  Our voting process is what defines America from other countries. We have FREEDOM to Disagree or Agree with our political party without FEAR of reprisals or government impunity.

I was speaking to my aunt tonight and she is voting for the other guy. She had reasons that sounded logical to her, and I have my reasons for whom I like. The beauty is that we can both like our candidates and be in the right.

Being human, I had to curb my desire to “educate” her and tell my side of the story of the pro’s and con’s of her choice and my choice.  Life is strange sometimes and we can get heated in a New York minute when it comes to religion and politics; so it’s best not to even go there.

I have friends that voted for the other guy—and they are still my friend. God gave us a great country to live in. It is full of potential. We have a responsibility to leave our world in a little bit better condition for having lived. Whether it is exercising our RIGHT to Vote or Speak our mind, we should do so with wise judgments.  I may be the one disappointed, but I won’t be BITTER! God is in control no matter who wins or loses, His goodness is relevant and will be exercised in any administration.  We all have a sober choice to make and that is to not allow disappointment to ruin our attitude and define our altitude.  KAT