Aging Gracefully

I don’t think there is anything graceful about aging. Yet here we are getting older by the minutes passing us by. Creating a bucket list, dream list, or fantasy list is an excellent idea for lofty goals to attain over a lifetime of living. But it is only a list and can be easily discarded.

What will your remunerations be as you lay dying of old age and worn out parts? Did you attack your bucket list with a vengence seeking thrills and adventures or was your buscket list one of daily tasks?

My Bucket List

  1. Be honorable; I mean kind, thoughtful and loving person
  2. Be trustworthy
  3. Be loyal to honorable people
  4. See the very best on intentions in others
  5. Continue to grow your mind and intellect
  6. Take care of your body- you only have one and it has to last you forever,
  7. Have belief, faith, trust, in Jesus Christ the son of the only Creator God.
  8. Love like it may be the last time you see that person alive
  9. Expect greatness in others and rarely you won’t be disappointed
  10. Love yourself unconditionally

My Dreamlist

  1. Walk by my husband’s side forever
  2. Be a grandmother worthy of the affection I receive
  3. Be a mother that my daughters can be proud of
  4. Be imaginative, creative, and be a DOer.
  5. Make strides in improving my health the best way I can
  6. Learn something new all the time
  7. Be a risk taker and move out of my comfort zone once in awhile
  8. Have a servant’s heart- giving generously of time and money and skills
  9. Reach for the heavens- bit keep your feet on the ground.
  10. Be a well rounded individual knowing some about a lot of things.

My Fantasy List

  1. Go anywhere out of the USA borders for a vacation and take mom
  2. See all of the 50 USA states looking at the tourist attractions and nature
  3. Make mini-vacations out of weekends often with family
  4. Walk, Ride, or make strides for a cause worthy of assistance
  5. Visit with family and friends who live in a different state.

Notice I didn’t mention that I want to work as in a career and thus be defined by it. I think people lose themselves by a working title. They shape their lives around employment. Taking opportunities, working ethically, making strides to be all that they can be in their job position.

It has been my experience that people will often allow work to interfere with family time and God time. They become so much apart of their job that when they retire or a forced to retire they have to invent a new identity or die. If they take time to build relationships with people and God, develop hobbies, or have a bucket list, dream list, or fantasy list then they will fare through aging gracefully.