When writing- Keep it Simple

The proof is in the details, that you did your background investigations, and have collated the data available, and are ready to execute a plan only to realize later that keeping it simple would have worked best.

Whether it’s writing a dissertation, report, or blog simplicity is the key. The reader doesn’t care about the hours of prep time it took you to write your column they only want to be entertained, have their imagination stretched, or feel an emotional connection with an author.



The nerve of some people- update

2018 My sister went up the mountain to a neighbor’s yard sale. She found her missing tools, pans, and other items. She went home hopping mad and called the police. They came out and made arrests and returned some of the merchandise stolen, some they kept as evidence, but allot was missing. What is so tragic is that the thieves mother works dispatch at a local police department. She didn’t question her sons on where they were getting stuff from and using her home outer building to store things in while they were putting a yard sale together.  She pleads ignorance to the thefts and wasn’t arrested.

Heads-up if your lazy no-account sons start to bring in household goods you might want to ask where they got them from and not take “from a friend” as an answer.


Personal Accountably not GUN control

I going to go out on a short limb here and say that I support the Second Amendment.

It is tragic that thousands of people are murdered by guns each year. There are also thousands of people who are murdered in vehicle collisions each year.

If a person has made up their mind that they are going to kill even one other person- they method of execution is not the importance- it’s the mindset.  Allowing AK47 and other automatic machine guns to be out in the hands of anyone under the age of 21 years old ought to be the limit of gun control enforcement.  Criminals will get them any way that they can. Again, illegal gun brokers are a menace to society and should be arrested with stiff sentences.

People are crying that we should lock up depressed or mentally deranged individuals. We don’t need bigger jails, but we do need better clinics and hospitals paid for through tax dollars for the uninsured and medical insurance dollars for those who have it.  We need to stop the stigma that people are crazy if they reach out and get help. Society needs to be educated about different forms of mental illness and the different degrees that warrant medical or judicial intervention.

It’s not the law-abiding citizens who have mental illness fault that some person decides to kill as many people as he can. The public sees the killer as being mentally ill. I don’t agree. A killer has a mindset that they are entitled to kill, harm, maim others because they want to. Putting a ban on guns, vehicles, or other devices that have potential to kill another human being is not the answer. We have to administer to the mindset of the individual doing the crime.

We need to educate our children on self-care and methods of de-escalating a situation. That drama is not warranted by hormonal shifting teenagers and adolescents that grow into adults that love drama in their lives. It’s time to make individuals accountable for the choices that they make in life.

To the parents and siblings of those who have lost children/family, “I share in your grief, it is intolerable! The murderer should be punished with the death penalty.  Although capital punishment will not bring your loved one back from the grave, it will serve as a warning consequence to other like-minded individuals seeking to harm or kill others. May GOD give you a measure of comfort and a clear mind of what the issues are truly about as you grieve the loss of your child/family.”


Online, Private & Local School- What’s the Difference?

This year my sister Gabby decided to place her two granddaughters in a public online school. They said it was free to attend; what they didn’t tell you is it’s expensive if you don’t have scientific equipment (microscope, slides), art supplies (special paper, name brand paint, chalk, crayons, canvas), math tools (calculator, compass, rulers) just to name a few. It cost $300.00 the first week’s assignments to get started.

One has to be self-motivated, self-disciplined, and have the desire to accomplish goals. There are seven 45 minutes lessons due every day with a 30 hours minimum workload. If you get behind in your lessons; the teachers will work with you- but it becomes like a snowball trying to outrun an avalanche. This is not for the faint of heart.

If you skip a practice, quiz, or exercise you are marked as incomplete and you can’t move beyond to the next lesson. It doesn’t matter how many tantrums you throw- you’re not moving forward. You can blame the computer, you can call the help desk and they will research the issue, bottom line_ you are still responsible to get the assignments done.

One has to make a commitment to succeed. There aren’t any alarm clocks to go off and wake you up in the morning and tell you to get to school. If you procrastinate, it only adds to your stress of getting things accomplished that day. There aren’t any school dress codes or uniforms to wear- but it’s important for your self-esteem to dress as if there were (sorry, pj’s all day long don’t count).  And most important you have to show up ready to work. That means having materials ready, pencils and paper available if you don’t use the online note tracker feature, and computer logged in.

One has to put forth an effort. You have an online classroom teacher that connects with you for online live sessions and small class size online groups if you avail yourselves of them. Your teacher will provide feedback on your assignments- you have to be handle being critiqued. No one else is to blame if you fail a portion or all of your assignment.  You will get kudos for passing an assignment in the teacher’s feedback.  In public school, you can make excuses and get away with a lot until test time catches up with you. You also get peer praises to bolster your confidence. On the downside, your peers can reinforce a negative behavior or cause you to think less of yourself.

One doesn’t have social pressure in an online school. The pressure is self-driven and internal. There aren’t any clicks to navigate through. You aren’t bullied by anyone except maybe the computer (lol) and parental force (sigh). You don’t have any prestige or team sports and clubs spirit to attend, despite the school offering them to you via the internet, think chess club, debate, art shows, etc.

Parents have to make a commitment to have you up and dressed and ready to go to work for public, private, or online school. In my sister’s case, she has to drive 38 miles each way to the library, since, they can’t get internet service on the mountain where they live. It can be inconvenient, time-consuming (152 miles daily) and gas/maint expenses add up quickly.  Local public school is only 7 miles away.  In public school you can have an IEP (Individual Educational Plan) meeting on short notice, you have quick access to the teacher’s time.  You can form working relationships; party time, volunteering events and tutoring yours and other children.   You can carpool to local school and field trips. Your child can share experiences with other peer children at field trips in a public or private school. Online students meet a group of strangers at a given date and time frame and write their report or portfolio by themselves- no group work.

Children have to be educated- they are our future workforce replenishing the worn out senior citizens.  Minimal paying jobs are a dime a dozen, which means you’re often treated like you are dispensable, and it’s hard to make lasting working relationships with your boss or peers. Minimal paying jobs keep you in or at the poverty level living style.  College is not for everyone, but trade schools are. From being a mechanic, realtor, skilled laborer, trade schools teach one on a fast track towards success, that doesn’t require a lot of formal education like college does. College is a constant building block from Kindergarten onwards for a 16-17 year commitment to just learning and practice at work while you get a Bachelor’s Degree. Certifications are short, quick classes that tell potential employers that you have a specific skill set. I highly recommend certifications to pre & post trade or college level students. It may make a difference in getting chosen for a promotion or salary increase.

Finally, whether you choose public, private, or online school go at it with gusto. I tell my children to see it, believe it, and achieve it. Meaning if you can conceive an idea in your brain, believe in it with your heart, then you can achieve success. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.


Nevada Murders Steven Paddock

Atrocity! can be the only word to describe what has occurred in Nevada. The news is all abuzz and blaming every organization or ethnic group of people that they can think will stick. It is the murderer’s fault- no one’s else, and the blame should begin and end with him.  He took 30 gun weapons into the hotel and used them to murder and injure hundreds of people out enjoying themselves.

Hillary Clinton wants to be on her soapbox about the NRA and banning guns from all citizens who are not in the military or law enforcement.  She is a first class fool. The criminal mindset would take control of the non-violent citizens, who would have no way to protect themselves. It would be like a DC Comics scenario, only there aren’t any heroes to save the day.

Nothing stood out about Stephen Paddock before Las Vegas shooting, people who knew him say” CNN.news. His brothers say’s, “He can do anything he wanted.”

And he did!


Prudence wins the game

Have you ever met someone with their eye on your ball? Given an opportunity, they will take your ball away from you and run to their goal. I learned at Southern Nazarene University in Bethany, Oklahoma during a game that people didn’t play by the established rules and cheated in order to win the game and leaving me to look foolish.  But that is a real-life lesson, that people will collaborate with each other to beat their opponent, even, if it is over some trivial matter to them.

Saying, “it’s business- not personal”, or “don’t be so sensitive”, or “it’s a dog eat dog world”, doesn’t excuse poor behavior and the killer instinct that some people have. They think with platitudes they can minimize any heartaches they cause by justifying their own agenda- which is to win. If you sweet and kind-hearted be on the lookout- JAWS is swimming up behind you, because, people covet what they don’t have, and try and take away what you have if you let them.

We have a woman who is an opportunist in our neighborhood. She wants to be the HOA Board of Director’s representative, a position I currently hold.  I had set up Trunk or Treat from people’s homes this year on Halloween night because I will be in the hospital having knee replacement surgery.  This woman has decided to take it upon herself to have a big bash like I hosted last year. Only, she made a private chat room to go into on facebook for like-minded individuals.

I gave her information to assist in her getting supplies ordered and equipment rented. She is trying to circumvent me to contact the community funds manager personally with her ideas. She doesn’t like the idea that everything has to go through me to get approval. That I control the money in what is being spent, where, and why.

The sayings, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer!” is wisdom through the ages. Just be prudent, read between the lines, be aware of your surroundings, and don’t get bogged down in another person’s agenda.