When writing- Keep it Simple

The proof is in the details, that you did your background investigations, and have collated the data available, and are ready to execute a plan only to realize later that keeping it simple would have worked best. Whether it’s writing a dissertation, report, or blog simplicity is the key. The reader doesn’t care about the hoursContinue reading “When writing- Keep it Simple”

The nerve of some people- update

2018 My sister went up the mountain to a neighbor’s yard sale. She found her missing tools, pans, and other items. She went home hopping mad and called the police. They came out and made arrests and returned some of the merchandise stolen, some they kept as evidence, but allot was missing. What is soContinue reading “The nerve of some people- update”

Personal Accountably not GUN control

I going to go out on a short limb here and say that I support the Second Amendment. It is tragic that thousands of people are murdered by guns each year. There are also thousands of people who are murdered in vehicle collisions each year. If a person has made up their mind that theyContinue reading “Personal Accountably not GUN control”

Online, Private & Local School- What’s the Difference?

This year my sister Gabby decided to place her two granddaughters in a public online school. They said it was free to attend; what they didn’t tell you is it’s expensive if you don’t have scientific equipment (microscope, slides), art supplies (special paper, name brand paint, chalk, crayons, canvas), math tools (calculator, compass, rulers) justContinue reading “Online, Private & Local School- What’s the Difference?”

Nevada Murders Steven Paddock

Atrocity! can be the only word to describe what has occurred in Nevada. The news is all abuzz and blaming every organization or ethnic group of people that they can think will stick. It is the murderer’s fault- no one’s else, and the blame should begin and end with him.  He took 30 gun weaponsContinue reading “Nevada Murders Steven Paddock”

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