Black cloud, silver lining

I have had a black cloud hanging over my head for 34 months. We have had little disasters erupting seemingly on top of each other. Health. Wealth. Success. Failure. Are all platitudes to comfort the brokenness of mankind.

You really don’t know how prepared you are for a crisis until you are in the middle of it.

Circumstance keeps lobbying for victory and utter ruins. I can not throw in the towel and run. I am made of sterner stuff.

I pray for wisdom once I am scaling the walls and wonder if I have been foolish. Perhaps I should look away from the horizon as one might do when trudging one foot in front of the other.

The silver lining is being alive. No conditions or qualifiers. Just survival for its sake or is it?

Contrary to popular beliefs life is supportable and can be dignified if only one seeks it so.

The marginal disasters keep reigning their foolish countenance as the black clouds dissipate only to scurry back again.