Battling psychological warfare- you need a weapon to fight your battles

When you are battling psychological warfare you need weapons to fight your battles.

I can not express firmly enough that faith in Jesus Christ and God the Father is essential. Because the battle is not only a physical manifistation of feelings but a spiritual endurance of faith and trust in GOD. If you are agnoststic or atheist then just ignor this section because you can not change my mind in this area.  There is a spirit of evil in our world, you only need to listen to the daily news to verify this. We need to gather spiritual gifts from GOD to help us not succumb to intrusive thoughts or stinking thinking as I like to call it; thoughts that say bad things to me; condem me, guilt me, or cause unjustified worry.  We are not only of the body but also of spirit says the LORD.  It is in this we place our faith that our spirits will be reunited with Christ when he comes to claim us. Its more than being a good person or doing the correct things even a non-believer can do good things, it is an absolute certainity that we are spiriual beings in a corpoal body and eventually the bosy will cease to exist but the spirit will never end.

Before you get into a psychological crisis you can create a tool box of items to redirect your feeling and thoughts. In my toolbox, I have paints and canvas, paper and pen & computer, simple sewing projects, scriptures I can read of affrimations of who God says I am, markers and coloring books, or my scrapbook kit.  Some people prefer taking walks or other exercise- I commend them for that;  I can’t shut my mind off when I exercise I need a creative outlet. Some people put music or movies in their kits. Phone numbers of safe people to talk to. You get the idea- it’s to give you a safe physical derailment of the  stinking thinking when it occurs.

An example of when to use your tool box.

Try to stay out of bed if you are Depressed. Don’t go shopping if you are in a Manic state. If you are OCD- Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, you need routine but try derailing it with one item from your toolkit for a specified time limit. whether it is physically cleaning your hands, home or stemming (physical manifiestations like wring hands, rubbing face swinging legs or arms). If you have ODD or ADHD or some other form of mental illness then put things that will help you derail a moment whether its procrastination or over-productivity (somewhere in between is good)  or intrusive thoughts.

Harming yourself is NOT an OPTION. Use your contacts or call 911 or your doctor. Even if you feel as though you are at the maximum of theraputic dosages on your medications- call your doctor and let them know what is going on. Find a support group in your community or a hospital setting or go into talk theraphy with a licensed therapist. You don’t have to go it alone. You are a strong, capable person because you are still on the sunnyside up of the grave.  Its hard dealing with mental illness- its not for wimps. I have been in the suicidal aspect of life and let me tell you this, you feel very alone like GOD and Satan are leaving you alone to make the decision to end your life or to live. Clarity is in the fore front of your mind for the first time in perhaps ages you see things as they really are and not how you want them to be. All the pettiness, jealousy, grief, mourning is unfolded before you and you have a choice to make. Do I live or Do I die? Some people get stuck or stinking thinking emerges like “I’ll show them (someone) what they made me do, etc. ”  This is a falsehood- only you are accountable and responsible for the chioces you make in life. And You can not control how others will view the choices that you make.  Remember, Suicide is a permante solution to a temporary situation. So if you are at that place already stop now and get help for yourself. Life does get better, there are seasons of disquiet and seaasons of harmony, but the important thing is that you live those seasons. 

I AM NOT A PSYCHAITRIST OR THERAPIST the above renderings is what I have found that has helped me out in the past, I hope it benefits you. Stay on your medications, see your therapist or support group, and stay in contact with your doctor, and above all pray.





Published by Kat Challis

Kathy Ann (Hughes) Challis Married in 1977 to Robert Challis-Oklahoma - still together Two daughters ages 44y and 40y and six beautiful grandchildren. Live in Texas. I love GOD and live life to its fullest. I am blessed beyond measure. I have family pets that give me a sense of devotion. Writing this blog has been an adventure of internal growth and I hope of interest to you.

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