Other publications

Publications: Literary pen names: Kat Challis, Kathy Ann Challis, and Kathryn Aubrey.
1. “The Dreamer’s Soul,” Kathryn Aubrey, Vol.1, Kathryn Aubrey Publishing. 2003, ISBN# 0-9747822-0-3. It is a book of poetry and short stories about people as teachers, heroes, and friends.

2. “Teenager’s,” American Poetry Anthology, Vol. X, No.2, Robert Nelson Publishing 1990 ISBN: 0-88147-100-3. Pg.231.

3. “Poetry,” Poetic Voices of America, Fall 1990, Sparrowgrass Poetry Forum, Inc.
1990 ISBN: 0-923242-08-2, p.162.
4. Class Planting Seed for Businesses, Amy David, The Daily Oklahoman II- Oklahoma City Times, Community, Nov. 8,1996, p.1.
5. Int’l Library of Poetry
• Famous Poets Award of Recognition for 1995
• Editor’s Choice Award – June 2001
• Poet of Merit Award – 2000-2003
• Merit Silver Award Bowl –2002
• Merit Bronze Metal 2001
• Honorable Mention – several 1996-2003

6. Tarrant County Texas Poetry Association memberships 2005

7. Blog: https://katchallis.com

a. Two halves of a soul – a novel about young love lasting 40 years


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