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Personal Accountably not GUN control

I going to go out on a short limb here and say that I support the Second Amendment.

It is tragic that thousands of people are murdered by guns each year. There are also thousands of people who are murdered in vehicle collisions each year.

If a person has made up their mind that they are going to kill even one other person- they method of execution is not the importance- it’s the mindset.  Allowing AK47 and other automatic machine guns to be out in the hands of anyone under the age of 21 years old ought to be the limit of gun control enforcement.  Criminals will get them any way that they can. Again, illegal gun brokers are a menace to society and should be arrested with stiff sentences.

People are crying that we should lock up depressed or mentally deranged individuals. We don’t need bigger jails, but we do need better clinics and hospitals paid for through tax dollars for the uninsured and medical insurance dollars for those who have it.  We need to stop the stigma that people are crazy if they reach out and get help. Society needs to be educated about different forms of mental illness and the different degrees that warrant medical or judicial intervention.

It’s not the law-abiding citizens who have mental illness fault that some person decides to kill as many people as he can. The public sees the killer as being mentally ill. I don’t agree. A killer has a mindset that they are entitled to kill, harm, maim others because they want to. Putting a ban on guns, vehicles, or other devices that have potential to kill another human being is not the answer. We have to administer to the mindset of the individual doing the crime.

We need to educate our children on self-care and methods of de-escalating a situation. That drama is not warranted by hormonal shifting teenagers and adolescents that grow into adults that love drama in their lives. It’s time to make individuals accountable for the choices that they make in life.

To the parents and siblings of those who have lost children/family, “I share in your grief, it is intolerable! The murderer should be punished with the death penalty.  Although capital punishment will not bring your loved one back from the grave, it will serve as a warning consequence to other like-minded individuals seeking to harm or kill others. May GOD give you a measure of comfort and a clear mind of what the issues are truly about as you grieve the loss of your child/family.”


By Kat Challis

Kathy Ann (Hughes) Challis Married in 1977 to Robert Challis-from Bethany, OK - still together 42 years later.
Two daughters ages 41y and 37y and six beautiful grandchildren.
Live in Alvarado, TX. I love GOD and live life to its fullest. I am blessed beyond measure.
I have family pets that give me a sense of devotion. Writing this blog has
been an adventure of internal growth and I hope of interest to you.

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