Snap, Crackle, and Pop

We have three new additions to our Parakeet family. Kassidey named them Snap, Crackle, and Pop. Their parents names are Chee-Chee and Loki.  Chee-Chee and Loki both feed the babies and take turns with them; a real partnership of parenting.

It was funny after the facts. Robert & Kass had thought they had allowed one of my birds to die while I was in the hospital three weeks ago; despite their efforts of keeping food and water aplenty.  Loki was out and about eating and drinking water, but Chee-Chee was inside their little nesting house. She didn’t seem to be moving. So Kassidey, started to take the nesting house out of the bigger cage and out flew Chee-Chee angry with her. Then Kassi glimpsed four eggs; she had been nurturing. She quickly reattached the nesting house and got out of there.



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