Nevada Murders Steven Paddock

Atrocity! can be the only word to describe what has occurred in Nevada. The news is all abuzz and blaming every organization or ethnic group of people that they can think will stick. It is the murderer’s fault- no one’s else, and the blame should begin and end with him.  He took 30 gun weapons into the hotel and used them to murder and injure hundreds of people out enjoying themselves.

Hillary Clinton wants to be on her soapbox about the NRA and banning guns from all citizens who are not in the military or law enforcement.  She is a first class fool. The criminal mindset would take control of the non-violent citizens, who would have no way to protect themselves. It would be like a DC Comics scenario, only there aren’t any heroes to save the day.

Nothing stood out about Stephen Paddock before Las Vegas shooting, people who knew him say” His brothers say’s, “He can do anything he wanted.”

And he did!



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