When germs are out to get you…

Are we just a little paranoid about germs?

We have two people in the house with autoimmune disorders. My daughters work with students with autoimmune disorders and are exposed all the time to the nasty little germs. So we commit Lysolacide on the little buggers.  We start from the top of the wall and work downwards covering all surfaces with a mist of disinfectant. This is a monthly routine as it seems someone always is fighting allergies, a cold, flu, or worse; right now it is strep x3. They are banished upstairs with their germs and the downstairs has been degermed for the moment.

Washing hands, using hand sanitizer between washings, Clorox wipes are our friend.  And I always carry Kleenex. And when that doesn’t cut it the Lysol and bleach do.

We eat healthily and take multiple vitamins daily. We have a team of doctors who coordinate our care when germs slip through our disinfectant net. Really; a pulmonologist, cardiologist, orthopedic surgeon, eye specialists, dentists, psychiatrist, neurologist, physical, occupational, and speech therapist, and primary care physician makes us sound like hypochondriacs. The doctors love to see us coming “Ca-Ching!” money in the bank. But the little bugger germs don’t get a good stronghold on us.







My dad Jack

When I was thirteen a good man named Jack Boggs entered my life and that of my mothers. They were married for 40 years until dad’s death two years ago. I miss him terribly and mom even more so.

When I first met Jack he drank Budweiser Beer all weekend long, he was a happy drunk. He never yelled or raised a fist to mom or anybody. He spent his money liberally. That year the fair came to town and Jack spent $200.00 on me winning many stuffed animals. I had never experienced that before. Mom was just as surprised, and I treasured those animals until my step-mom made me give them away. Jack was a nice man to me, he set boundaries, and on occasion threaten to spank my butt; but never did.

Jack dad would take us tent camping at Red Rock Canyon and other places. He loved fishing and would go hunting with my brother, Tommy. My sister GayNell was already married at age 16 and divorced at 17; she was pretty wild on life.

I would live part of the year with mom and part of the year with father Earl and step-mom Marie. My grades were good with mom and dad, I was well nourished, clothed properly and a happy child. The opposite of Earl and Marie’s occurred. I was looking at childhood memories and pictures just the other day; on the backs of the pictures were my name, year, and age. When I got to age thirteen, I noticed that I had written in my weight. Little did I know that the picture would encapsulate a life long trend in me. I weighed 103 pounds for my 5′ frame and Marie compared me to a 500 pound woman and friend Albina. Marie said I was well on my way to becoming like Albina. I was compared to my step-sisters and found to be grossly over-weight, that’s when the dieting began for me.

Life was happiness at mom and dad’s home and hell at Earl & Marie’s house. For delicate reasons (taxes) I had to live with Earl for part of the year. It was on a visit that drove me to elope with Robert at age 15 years old. prior to that mom & dad moved around the state of Oklahoma to where the Union Hall IBEW sent him. I stayed in Okmulgee, Weatherford, Warr Acres, and Bethany, OKlahoma for a few months out of the year. I met some really interesting people. Jack never knew a stranger, he was likeable. and able to carry on a conversation with anyone.

When my nephew Tell was born, dad Jack decided to give up the Budweiser for good. And he did. He began going to church with mom and was dedicated to GOD for the rest of his life. The big idea behind Jack Boggs was that he accepted and loved all three of us children. He would stay on the phone with me for all hours of the night when I was pregnant and re-living the past with Earl and Marie. Many nights he would turn the alarm off and go straight to work. When I was pregnant with my daughters the flashbacks were terrible and I was so afraid that Earl would harm my baby girls. Jack laid and listened and tried to calm my fears.

When I think back over the last 40 years, I see that Jack was a big part of my life, he was a dad to me and not a step-dad. And mom took everything in stride. And now dad has gone to be with the Lord until eternity- and I miss him like crazy.




When I get on the lawn tractor

I am transformed into the

amusement parks Tilt-A-Whirl;

moving in light circular curves,

turning and turning, my body isI

slammed inwards as I fight the

forces all around me.


When I get on the lawn tractor,

I am transformed to the Indy 500

It’s just a 5.000′ straight track and me;

clutch in, fifth gear, and I’m off!

Going into a tight curve, let her out three

grassier turns later for one more lap.


When I get on the lawn tractor I am

transformed into the Ultimate Mowing Machine

Precision timing, neat straight away, deftly

formed corners, grass churned beneath

my powerful blades

fall into the trailer behind.

Boy! I love this chore.

The Dreamer’s Soul, Vol 1. pg 21, 2003

Kathryn Aubrey, ISBN#0-9747822-0-3





The Squirrel Watcher

It has beautiful auburn hair and big almond

shaped black eyes and whiskered cheeks.

he curls of its tail as long as its body is tall

brings a swirl of happiness to my mother;

the squirrel watcher.

Mom lines a dozen pecans onto a bark formed shelf

and to her delight watches

as the male squirrel hands-off the nuts to his mate

one cheek and paws full at a time.

For hours they will play, racing to and fro

among the trees, leaping across gulfs to the

next tree limb or for more antics crossing

the fence and climbing the roof.

They climb the greased pole to rob the bird feeder

of its sunflower seed and take a sip from the birds’ bath.

And every once in awhile they stopped and gaze

at the wonderful woman watching over them.

The Dreamer’s Soul Vol. One, p14. 2003 by Kathryn Aubrey


Dedicated to my mother Mrs. Patrician Anne Boggs



Destined to Be

He stood on all fours, two feet from the ground.

He had beautiful down of rich cream

with apricot sprinkles from nose to tail.

Twin eyes of liquid hershey Kisses

He cautiously eyed me, then approached,

as I crouched down to meet him.

His vacuum nose sniffed scents from all of me.

He slowly began this rocking prance

from side to side, inviting me to touch him.

He was a gigantic dog. His barrel chest was 18″ wide,

strong in muscles. His face was

handsome and evenly set, his soft tongue

thanking me for scratching his ears.

Around his body, my  hands caressed,

taking in the bulk that made up this mammoth

dog Ralph. Ralph and I knew that we were

destined to be companions and friends for

each other’s life, as he came to share my family with me.

The Dreamer’s Soul, Kathryn Aubrey, p12, 2003


#dog #relationships


The Eclectic Seamstress

She was eccentric and nostalgic

using brown shipping paper to capture;

tape, pin, snip, her hands fled deftly

Her mind clicked for an imaginative purpose;

is it a sailboat? is it a pair of sails?

The sewing needles ran

at the speed of thought. Straight lines,

folded edges, crisp corners

Pressed and smoothed an image began

to stand out from among the rest,

is it a setting sun or rising moon?

The triangles filled with thought

and the spinnaker sails arose into

curtained cloths.


Page 6, The Dreamer’s Soul, by Kathryn Aubrey

ISBN: 0-9747822-0-3, 2003

#sew #seamstress #poetry #Kathy Challis


Online, Private & Local School- What’s the Difference?

This year my sister Gabby decided to place her two granddaughters in a public online school. They said it was free to attend; what they didn’t tell you is it’s expensive if you don’t have scientific equipment (microscope, slides), art supplies (special paper, name brand paint, chalk, crayons, canvas), math tools (calculator, compass, rulers) just to name a few. It cost $300.00 the first week’s assignments to get started.

One has to be self-motivated, self-disciplined, and have the desire to accomplish goals. There are seven 45 minutes lessons due every day with a 30 hours minimum workload. If you get behind in your lessons; the teachers will work with you- but it becomes like a snowball trying to outrun an avalanche. This is not for the faint of heart.

If you skip a practice, quiz, or exercise you are marked as incomplete and you can’t move beyond to the next lesson. It doesn’t matter how many tantrums you throw- you’re not moving forward. You can blame the computer, you can call the help desk and they will research the issue, bottom line_ you are still responsible to get the assignments done.

One has to make a commitment to succeed. There aren’t any alarm clocks to go off and wake you up in the morning and tell you to get to school. If you procrastinate, it only adds to your stress of getting things accomplished that day. There aren’t any school dress codes or uniforms to wear- but it’s important for your self-esteem to dress as if there were (sorry, pj’s all day long don’t count).  And most important you have to show up ready to work. That means having materials ready, pencils and paper available if you don’t use the online note tracker feature, and computer logged in.

One has to put forth an effort. You have an online classroom teacher that connects with you for online live sessions and small class size online groups if you avail yourselves of them. Your teacher will provide feedback on your assignments- you have to be handle being critiqued. No one else is to blame if you fail a portion or all of your assignment.  You will get kudos for passing an assignment in the teacher’s feedback.  In public school, you can make excuses and get away with a lot until test time catches up with you. You also get peer praises to bolster your confidence. On the downside, your peers can reinforce a negative behavior or cause you to think less of yourself.

One doesn’t have social pressure in an online school. The pressure is self-driven and internal. There aren’t any clicks to navigate through. You aren’t bullied by anyone except maybe the computer (lol) and parental force (sigh). You don’t have any prestige or team sports and clubs spirit to attend, despite the school offering them to you via the internet, think chess club, debate, art shows, etc.

Parents have to make a commitment to have you up and dressed and ready to go to work for public, private, or online school. In my sister’s case, she has to drive 38 miles each way to the library, since, they can’t get internet service on the mountain where they live. It can be inconvenient, time-consuming (152 miles daily) and gas/maint expenses add up quickly.  Local public school is only 7 miles away.  In public school you can have an IEP (Individual Educational Plan) meeting on short notice, you have quick access to the teacher’s time.  You can form working relationships; party time, volunteering events and tutoring yours and other children.   You can carpool to local school and field trips. Your child can share experiences with other peer children at field trips in a public or private school. Online students meet a group of strangers at a given date and time frame and write their report or portfolio by themselves- no group work.

Children have to be educated- they are our future workforce replenishing the worn out senior citizens.  Minimal paying jobs are a dime a dozen, which means you’re often treated like you are dispensable, and it’s hard to make lasting working relationships with your boss or peers. Minimal paying jobs keep you in or at the poverty level living style.  College is not for everyone, but trade schools are. From being a mechanic, realtor, skilled laborer, trade schools teach one on a fast track towards success, that doesn’t require a lot of formal education like college does. College is a constant building block from Kindergarten onwards for a 16-17 year commitment to just learning and practice at work while you get a Bachelor’s Degree. Certifications are short, quick classes that tell potential employers that you have a specific skill set. I highly recommend certifications to pre & post trade or college level students. It may make a difference in getting chosen for a promotion or salary increase.

Finally, whether you choose public, private, or online school go at it with gusto. I tell my children to see it, believe it, and achieve it. Meaning if you can conceive an idea in your brain, believe in it with your heart, then you can achieve success. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.


Expectations – Set the bar a little higher and feel the victory

When my girls were growing up, I set high expectation standards for them. I expected and was rewarded with straight A’s all through school and onto college degrees with honors.  I expected the same for my husband and myself during our academic endeavors.

When Rose was two she wasn’t talking. She made sounds which I interpreted her needs. On a visit from my mom. I grew alarmed and began making the doctor circuits. I was told she had Autistic Tendencies, was, mildly retarded, needed behavior correction, or she was socially shy and would grow out of it. I was an over-wrought parent,  overprotective parent, had hysteria,  or was seeking attention through my child. It wasn’t until Rose turned four years old that a doctor finally said the magic words, ‘your child is “hearing impaired and language delayed,” as indicated by the results of failing all the hearing exams through the last two years.

Rose had Acute and Chronic Otitis Media (inner ear infection). It hindered her ability to hear. To describe the ability he said to turn on a vacuum cleaner and yell- and only be able to hear a muffled sound. That was what my baby girl was experiencing every day 24/7.

We heard of a new pilot program for children who were deaf or hearing impaired and had no way of communicating.  I quit my job as a Realtor Property Manager in order to get into the school district that was offering the program.  Rose entered in Kindergarten making one-word sentences, “maaa” and “daaa” it was a blessing that she had the prefix correct. It meant that she was hearing somewhat.

We started a regimen of exercises with a photo book of mom and dad, sister, and items with the names phonetically & correctly spelled underneath. I was showed sign language to use when pointing and saying the words to her. I learned to touch my face at my mouth and make eye contact with Rose when talking so she could read my lips. I created a workbook of common words with pictures and labeled things at home. She was learning how to read and say the alphabet. I programmed a computer in Basic and saved the data to a cassette player so Rose could go through speech class by herself.

Rose was still in Red when the program ended that school year because they lost their budget. Insufficient progress overall. But they worked a miracle in our lives- they gave language to my little girl. So we found a mobile home and move into a new district. Rose enters Transitional First grade. Her hearing was improving with fewer infections and new medications when she would get an infection.

My first IEP Individualized Educational Plan. I was like a zombie as the teachers spoke over me about Roses condition and treatment plan. I outlined what we had been through and what the pilot program had offered to us. Rose was highly intelligent on her academic scores and intelligence tests; she was just having difficulty expressing herself.  Meanwhile, her baby sister is 18 months old when school finishes. She doesn’t have any hearing issues and her speech is impeccable due to Rose’s home instruction. We decide to relocate to Bethany, Oklahoma. Rose enters first grade. Her hearing gradually got better and speech therapy at a county extensions office begins in earnest along with psychiatric counseling to make sure her frustration level was monitored.

I became a Missionettes Daisy leader and a Camp Fire Girls of America Leader. I also attended SNU college full time and filled in on Sunday mornings as a teacher.  I continued working with Rose on speech. She was a good kid. She never complained about her lot in life- she worked hard at communicating. Finally, at age 8 yr’s she was healed! No more ear infections. She could hear clear as a bell with no damage what so ever. Her Estraitsion tubes had been under-developed at birth and she had a submucous cleft palate in the third quadrant. Those combined kept the fluids from running down and exiting the body as it should and turned into infections.

We move to Yukon, Ok when Rose enters the fourth grade. Fast forward to the end of 6th grade. The school decides that Rose is about as good as she’ll ever be in speech, so they dismiss the IEP, against my wishes.  Rose talks extremely fast but concise- it’s like she is making up for lost time.  Her sister is four years younger and in second grade at this time.

Expectations; Kassidey & Rose are extremely intelligent, Kassidey is labeled Gifted and Rose is labeled Talented in school. The big difference between being gifted and talented is that talented people have to work their butts off to keep their excellence in grades. There was a friend for a season named  Mittie. Mitte was jealous at my girls “A”  status. Her kids brought home “C & D.s”. I could never get her to understand that if my children we capable of “C” level work then I would push them to be a solid “C” level and question what I could do differently to help them make the “D’s” into “C’s” and I would be just as proud of them as if they were “A” students. The parents have to set the bar just a little higher for their children to recognize opportunities for success and feel the victory.

Kassidey was in 9th grade when she discovered that not all children went to college after high school. It was the expectation in our household that one would achieve a Bachelor’s Degree. It was a shock to her and I remember in passing her mentioning it. It was difficult to explain that some people do not have the talent to do academics. That there were trades schools that would offer them a career choice.  It didn’t mean that everyone else was stupid because they didn’t go to college, but they just needed a better fit than what college had to offer them. Both my girls went on to earn a Master’s Degree for themselves. I could never be more proud of their achievements.





Nevada Murders Steven Paddock

Atrocity! can be the only word to describe what has occurred in Nevada. The news is all abuzz and blaming every organization or ethnic group of people that they can think will stick. It is the murderer’s fault- no one’s else, and the blame should begin and end with him.  He took 30 gun weapons into the hotel and used them to murder and injure hundreds of people out enjoying themselves.

Hillary Clinton wants to be on her soapbox about the NRA and banning guns from all citizens who are not in the military or law enforcement.  She is a first class fool. The criminal mindset would take control of the non-violent citizens, who would have no way to protect themselves. It would be like a DC Comics scenario, only there aren’t any heroes to save the day.

Nothing stood out about Stephen Paddock before Las Vegas shooting, people who knew him say” CNN.news. His brothers say’s, “He can do anything he wanted.”

And he did!


Fun Facts about LLAMAS

Chapter 5 Quick Facts about Llamas see Picture and Key

quick llama facts

QUICK facts about Llama’s

Names of llama body parts: 1 Ears – 2 Poll – 3 Withers – 4 Back – 5 Hip – 6 Croup – 7 Base of tail – 8 Tail – 9 Buttock – 10 Hock – 11 Metatarsal gland – 12 Heel – 13 Cannon bone – 14 Gaskin – 15 Stifle joint – 16 Flank – 17 Barrel – 18 Elbow – 19 Pastern – 20 Fetlcok – 21 Knee – 22 Chest – 23 Point of shoulder – 24 Shoulder – 25 Throat – 26 cheek or jowl – 27 Muzzle

Note: The term camel is also used more broadly to describe any of the six camel-like creatures in the family Camelidae: the two true camels, and the four South American camelids, the llama, alpaca, guanaco, and vicu


The Science Connection

A Llama’s Body

Commonly unknown, llamas do not have eyelashes. However, their cousin the alpaca do.
The ears are rather long and slightly curved inward, characteristically known as “banana” shaped.
There is no (dorsal) back hump.
Feet are narrow, the toes being more separated than in the camels, each having a distinct plantar pad.
The tail is short
(Hair) Fiber is long, woolly and soft.
They have three stomach compartments, which means they eat a lot of food.
They graze on grass; eat Feed made up of protein, wheat, rye, corn. They love coastal hay, Alfalfa hay, and carrots. They also like horse treats.
Babies are known as Crias

A cria (pronounced Cree-ah) is the name for a baby llama
Crias are typically born with the whole herd gathering around in an attempt to protect against potential predators.
Most births take place between 8 a.m. and noon, during the relatively warmer daylight hours.
Crias are up and standing, walking and attempting to nurse within the first hour after birth.
Llamas which are well-socialized and trained to halter and lead after weaning is very friendly and pleasant to be around.
They are extremely curious and most will approach people easily.
The manner in which treat each other is characterized by bouts of spitting, kicking and neck wrestling.
When correctly reared spitting at a human is a rare thing.
Llamas are very social herd animals, however, and do sometimes spit at each other as a way of disciplining lower-ranked llamas in the herd.
A llama’s social rank in a herd is never permanent. They can always move up or down in the social ladder by picking small fights.
This is usually done between males to see who becomes alpha.
Their fights are visually dramatic with spitting, ramming each other with their chests, neck wrestling and kicking, mainly to knock the other off balance.
The females are usually only seen spitting as a means of controlling other herd members.
While the social structure might always be changing, they live as a family and they do take care of each other.
If one notices a strange noise or feels threatened, a warning bray is sent out and all others come to alert.
They will often hum to each other as a form of communication.
The sound of the llama making groaning noises or going “mwa” is often a sign of fear or anger.
If a llama is agitated, it will lay its ears back.
Guard Behavior

Using Llamas as livestock guards in North America began in the early 1980s and some sheep producers have used llamas successfully for that entire time.
The ideal guard animal should protect sheep against predators while requiring minimal training, care, and maintenance.
A variety of guard animals currently in use include dogs, donkeys, kangaroos, ostriches, and llamas.
Llama should remain in a small area until the sheep and llama seem well-adjusted and attached to each other. This encourages bonding between the sheep and llama.
Llamas also have a fine undercoat which can be used for handicrafts and garments.
The coarser outer guard hair is used for rugs, wall-hangings and lead ropes.
The fiber comes in many different colors ranging from white, grey, reddish brown, brown, dark brown and black.
This article incorporates text from the article “Llama” in the Encyclopedia Britannica, Eleventh Edition, a publication now in the public domain on Wikipedia.

We hope that you have enjoyed learning about Llamas. Please look for more antic’s in the Adventures of RJ the Llama and his animal family.

Proactive Prophecy

Robert is the hardest worker that I have ever known. He was always studying for certifications (30+) that would help him move up the ladder or make lateral changes in his employment. He keeps his certificates up to date. He earned an Associates in Computer Science and Bachelor degree in Engineering, all while working 12 hour shifts at work for over ten years span during schooling. And many long days and nights over the 40-year span. He is the Central Region (Corporate) Facility Service Manager for Americold, he has 36 plants that he oversees. He stays on the go daily.
I was fortunate, Robert supported my efforts to go to a private university; Southern Nazarene, and attend for four years so that I could earn a Bachelor in Elementary Education and become a Teacher. Looking back at my employment record, I can see the gaps when I was too ill to work. Areas where I filled in as babysitter for Kassidey for five years. And times where I turned left when I should’ve turned right. Although I still have my license until 2020. I am woefully outdated. I need to volunteer for a year. And see if I can re-establish myself. I am seriously considering Master’s level college studies.
My girls earned their Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in Education. They both have a solid career in front of themselves; they work hard and produce positive results with their Special Education students. Rose’s husband also has a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering.
My mentor and spiritual mom Dr. Edythe Leupp of Portland Oregon has been encouraging me to write this book for decades. She believes that young love, can mean everlasting love. She and Tom were married as teenagers also, albeit older than Robert and me. They had five children and numerous grand and great grandchildren many with advanced academic degrees.
Her biggest influence upon me was unconditional love. No matter what the story was or the excuse she loved me totally. Only Jesus had loved me totally and he died for my sins and entrance into salvations heaven.
Perhaps because she didn’t raise me she could love me totally. Sometimes the enormity of having three children can be a bit much for parents to deal with. The cooking and cleaning and discipling gets wrapped up so that it outweighs the fun times of just bonding and being together as a family. I can certainly understand it- I don’t happen to agree with it, but I understand parents who do.
Childhood can seem like it takes forever, so many milestones to meet and mark off time with, it’s been five years that Kass and the boys moved in with Robert and me. Time has flat flown by with the boys being 6 & 8 yr.’s old respectively. I wouldn’t trade a moment of it away. Roses’ Bella is almost two years old and thriving as a happy little girl with her parents and older half-siblings.
No matter how convoluted or congested things get and you think the drama queen or king is in the house permanently – unconditional love conquers all. Then in a blink of an eye it’s over, the children have grown up and gone their own ways.
Tell your children and grandchildren often that you love them, that they are a good person, that you like them, and you enjoy being with them. They hear enough negative talk at school and in the media so your sunny disposition will be the rainbow at the end of their storm.
I can’t stress the importance of getting an education. It doesn’t matter if it is a trade school or college; anything posts high school counts. My 16 years old niece said she is getting married when she turns 17. The age barrier is not my concern, lack of education and employability is. Her fiancé’ is ignorant as they come. He makes light of their housing, food, and other necessities. A HS drop out, unemployed, he says he’s a good hunter and they can eat wild game, and use the hides for clothes and shelter as they live off the land. Even, my brother a serious sportsman would not be so cavalier about such a thing. The fiancé sincerely has the Alaskan survival show in his brain where a family survives by working together out of nothing and bartering. The hardships are of no consequence to him in his romantic notions. I can’t believe my sister is going to permit this union to occur. I am praying for common sense to jump into their pea sized brains before she gets pregnant.
It’s all about character. What is it that makes one stand out from the crowd. What ideology to you scribe to? What are your work ethics, moral values, and ability to reason? Do you have common sense? I could get on board with a Survivalist Mentality if I didn’t know my niece so well. She has two cells phones going 24/7, she owns 4 and changes them out while the others charge up. She talks to friends, watches entertainment videos, and listens to music. She does not work at housekeeping, cooking, or any domestic chores like sewing, knitting, or crochet. Gardening and yard work are also out. She does what she wants when she wants and has an attitude if you try to correct her behavior or thought processes. My husband says it’s the “Me generation,” whereas, kids distance themselves from authority, disrespect our nation and its symbols, yet expects to get free food, shelter, and medical care. They don’t want an education and could care less about holding a meaningful job with any longevity.
She does buy, or accept donated pregnant dogs and sells the pups for a profit. She doesn’t have any license to do this. She uses the money she gets to pay for the upkeep of future puppy sales and her cell phones. At least she is halfway smart in that area. She is a beautiful young woman, with so much potential that is slipping through the cracks. I hope for her that she stays on the education path and graduates high school. I hope that her dreams of being a veterinarian technician work out when she turns 17. I hope for allot of good things to come her way- but she must put forth effort and time and want to succeed in life.
My axiom in life has been, “If you can think of a goal, believe in the goal with your heart, and mind, then, you can achieve the goal.” It’s call proactive prophecy; see, believe, achieve. Parents should model this behavior for their children or grandchildren.



Creamy Potato Soup

6 medium irish potatoes, peeled and quartered

1 medium yellow onion, diced

1 10oz package phili cream cheese

1 1/2 cloved garlic, diced

30 oz chicken stock

optional garnishes: shredded cheese to top and bacon crisp bits

Crockpot: add all ingredients together at one time and cook on low about 4 hourd or till tender

This is not my original recipe.