My Friend

My dear and faithful friend I have been waiting for you to come along… I have loved and been loved before, but he love was not strong to weather the storms. I have trusted and been disappointed. Because loyalty was to high a price to command. I have cried the doubts and worries away. HopingContinue reading “My Friend”


Poetry; an expression of one’s desires, thoughts, and hopes; music to one’s emotions, casting shadows upon the tides, evoking memories of bitter-sweetness, tantalizing the senses in awe. Poetry; a word…. a phrase… a reflection of one’s inner soul; counting the moments, awaiting the freshness of a child’s’ tender kiss, or the fire of a lover’sContinue reading “Poetry”

A little effort can mean allot

Tonight, a very nice lady needed an ACC Request for her HOA requirements to get a shed installed on her property. She brought it by to have me check and make sure she had everything needed- she did!  I’m on the HOA Board of Directors. She didn’t have a home computer (gasp!) and was goingContinue reading “A little effort can mean allot”

Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love, loves without merit, trusts without reason, shares itself wholly. Unconditional Love, asks for nothing in return but, is rewarded with another’s love. Unconditional Love,  tells you that you are unique, special and loveable. Unconditional Love,  goes the extra mile to believe, building one up, instead of tearing one down. Unconditional Love, is withoutContinue reading “Unconditional Love”

Quiet moments

I gaze upon the snow-covered landscape. Glistening in silvery white in the moon’s waxing glow. Stillness abounds as I peer through the window. My warm breath lingers on the panes. A nighthawk squawks; in the distance a dogs bark pierces the night resound “gruff!” “gruff!” the headlights from a passing motorist break the spell. TheContinue reading “Quiet moments”

Depression and Stinking Thinking

This is how it works. You can wake up in a fantastic mood, invite a friend over for coffee and then realize the house is in a bigger mess than you thought. So you shower and dress and begin in earnest cleaning the kitchen and doing laundry. The anxiety mounts, your friend comes over andContinue reading “Depression and Stinking Thinking”

Princess Bella

What a joy to have beautiful and kind granddaughters; Bella, Michelle, and Elaine. Bella had an extended family Birthday Breakfast this morning, She really enjoyed pulling her gifts out of her bag.  She is quite the little Princess at two years old.  She loves to eat pancakes for breakfast and have apple juice. Cousins w/aunt,Continue reading “Princess Bella”

The old meets the new learning styles

Teaching my great nieces (9y & 16y) remotely with the cell phone and laptop can be quite a challenge for anyone. Have you read the USA President’s Handbook for Health, Fitness, and Nutrition lately? (not exact title but should be)  Talk about a mind blower. It is lengthy and has many links to it forContinue reading “The old meets the new learning styles”

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