72 hr’s EEG with visual

Day 1:

I look like I am getting ready to don a space helmet. My head is covered in sensors and tape. I am not suppose to drive anywhere until after the test is complete.

Day 2:

Had to go back in to a lead reglued. It is hard to sit still in one place while the video captures you every move.

Day 3:

Yea! today is the final day. I am concerned with all the rest I have recieved sitting and laying in bed, my routine has been off. I haven’t had any seizure activity. I think I would have been better served being active.

Day 4:

Yikes! I went yesterday morning to have my leads taken off only to discover that I was one day early. Well, I finally got them off, then came the process of washing the glue out of my hair. I used Head & Shoulders 5 times, then wound up combing and brushing the dried glue out. Not Fun!  I get my results next week.

Two weeks later, I get the results. I have a conversion disorder which is a nonepileptic seizure called pseudoseizures. They are psychosomatic; meaning it’s all in my head.

When I have one my eyes get glassy or glazed and I can’t maintain eye contact  for several minutes after the shaking has stopped.  I stay cognitive throughout the episode but sometimes have a little confusion as to what I was doing prior to the episode. I have been placed back on the medication that the withdrawal from started this whole mess in the first place.

#conversiondisorder #pseudoseizure #nonepileptic #eeg



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