72 hr’s EEG with visual

Day 1:

I look like I am getting ready to don a space helmet. My head is covered in sensors and tape. I am not suppose to drive anywhere until after the test is complete.

Day 2:

Had to go back in to a lead reglued. It is hard to sit still in one place while the video captures you every move.

Day 3:

Yea! today is the final day. I am concerned with all the rest I have recieved sitting and laying in bed, my routine has been off. I haven’t had any seizure activity. I think I would have been better served being active.

Day 4:

Yikes! I went yesterday morning to have my leads taken off only to discover that I was one day early. Well, I finally got them off, then came the process of washing the glue out of my hair. I used Head & Shoulders 5 times, then wound up combing and brushing the dried glue out. Not Fun!  I get my results next week.

Two weeks later, I get the results. I have a conversion disorder which is a nonepileptic seizure called pseudoseizures. They are psychosomatic; meaning it’s all in my head.

When I have one my eyes get glassy or glazed and I can’t maintain eye contact  for several minutes after the shaking has stopped.  I stay cognitive throughout the episode but sometimes have a little confusion as to what I was doing prior to the episode. I have been placed back on the medication that the withdrawal from started this whole mess in the first place.

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Hurricane Harvey- Americolds efforts

People are still be rescued from the rising tides as Harvey stalls on the Houston/Rockport area. Americold Logistics told effected employees yesterday that they have a job in Ft.Worth & Dallas locations. They will have to find away up here, but then Americold will provide them and their immediate family lodging, food, clothing, and anything else required until they can return to their city of employment. Americold is sending truck loads of food to the affected areas.  The Houston & LaPorte plants are under 4′ water above loading docks. Fortunately, the power is still own in the buildings.

Labor Day 2017, the Houston plant is up and running. Still waiting to hear on other plant affected.

October 2017, the plants are back in operation in Houston and La Porte and people are trying to rebuild their lives one stone at a time. Americold gave the employees effected three days off with pay. Some had lost every material possession while others were just inconvenienced by receding storm waters.

The Dallas & Ft. Worth plants sent care packages to the afflicted in the first days of the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.